Supplier detail: HP Astar 350/355 LED Kits by Heliproducts

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Canadian Air Parts proud to be distributing Heliproducts LED Kits for AS350/355  Helicopters.

There are two kits available for Astar 350/355 helicopters. The 350LEDxt and the 355LEDxt.

Included in this kit is a 355HP33-100 Anti-Collision light, 355HP33-200 horizontal stabilizer Position Light and Strobe, 355HP33-300 Tail Position Light, Complete STC, Install, Wire, and ICA.

Installation cancels requirements of: “E”ASB 05.00.60 ASB 33.00.20 SB 33.00.19 TIP 33-00-18 EU 2013-0281 SB 33-00-01 SB 33-00-06 SB 33-00-07 SB 33-00-10 INCLUDES UPPER VERT -100 KIT, THUS REMOVING STROBE HIGH VOLTAGE POWER SUPPLY IN TAILBOOM.

Included in this kit is our 350HP33-100 Anti-Collision light, 350HP33-200 Position/Strobe Light, 350HP33-300 Tail Position Light. Installation cancels requirements of: “E”ASB 05.00.66 ASB 33.00.33 ASB 33.00.10 TIP 33-00-21 EU 2013-0281.

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